Salon participants describe the Salon

The Salon is distinctive in that it truly engages with literature in a way which is sympathetic to both the texts and their readers.

Salon feedback March 2013

The experience of the Salon resists easy definition–but to help those new to the studies, here are some words from…

Paris Salon feedback

Last weekend we had a Salon overnight in Villennes-sur-Seine outside of Paris with a wonderful group of readers working carefully…

Recent Salon Feedback

From a Paris participant on the value of studies that meet over weeks… I bear (sic) a grand nostalgia for…

A performance of every word of F Scott Fitzgerald’s jazz era classic, Gatz lasts a marathon eight hours (with a break for dinner). How do the actors manage it?

Feedback from As I Lay Dying Salon

Wonderful Salon Intensive on Sunday Evening January 08, 2012 We worked to understand the multi-perspective narration of the epic journey…

Gate, London

US researchers measure impact of reading JK Rowling and Stephenie Meyer