Vladimir Nabokov’s ‘Terra Incognita’ & ‘The Vane Sisters’ facilitated by Basil Lawrence

Course NameLocationDurationDateTime
Stories by Vladimir NabokovKentish Town2.5 hours27.9.1819:00-21:30

Vladimir Nabokov’s ‘Terra Incognita’ & ‘The Vane Sisters’ facilitated by Basil Lawrence

This one-off study is an opportunity to notice and savour the details in two of Nabokov’s short stories. We will see things and hear things; we will visualize the rooms, the clothes and the manners of the author’s people. We will read not just with our hearts, not just with our brains, but with our spines. For it is there that the tell-tale tingle occurs.

Although this stand-alone session is an introduction to Nabokov’s stories, it is also a gateway drug to an upcoming study of the author’s addictive novel Pale Fire.

(inspired by Nabokov’s ‘Good Readers and Good Writers’)

Salon Details

• Facilitated by Basil Lawrence
• Thursday 27 September, 2018 from 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm
• £15 for the evening study includes the stories, background materials and opening notes

The facilitator will provide participants with copies of the stories and pre-session reading material to help situate the reader in the texts. To register for the study, please use the secure PayPal payment button below to pay £15. Opening notes will be sent shortly after registration.

The course is limited to 12 participants.

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The facilitated discussion will use these stories as a springboard for our conversation; we welcome participant questions, responses and ideas as we navigate the challenges of the work. There is no expectation of previous study or work with the texts nor in the academic tradition: this study will challenge and invigorate the first-time reader as well as the life-long lover of Vladimir Nabokov’s extraordinary prose.

About Basil Lawrence, friend of the London and Paris Literary Salons:

Basil Lawrence (BA (Hons) English Literature, MA Creative Writing) met Toby when they worked together in conjunction with the Society of Analytical Psychology. For the Society he chaired a series of discussions with Jungian analysts about American short stories, and facilitated an examination of Antoine Watteau’s Fête Galante in a Wooded Landscape at the Wallace Collection with Professor Joy Schaverien and Dr Christoph Vogtherr, the museum Director. He enjoys watching the Elizabethans onstage, and reading the Georgians, Moderns and mid Twentieth Century American giants (Nabokov, Bellow, Welty, Flannery O’Connor).