August Reflections 2018

In the midst of summer’s heat, thoughts soften and grow fluid. One of the gifts of these long, slower days is mind-wandering time. Swimming thoughts seep into all parts of my day and connections—between people, the land, words—happen with greater ease. I think back on the incredible discussions of the year and start to feel hungry for more. I hope wherever you are: good reading and inspiring landscapes bathe your mind.


Below you will virtually meet new facilitator Basil in his thoughts On Reading—his Nabokov studies are filling up so register now if you are interested. Mark is offering two courses in South London—his Great Ideas study is a wonderful way to fill in some gaps in the wisdom writings from the ancient and contemporary giants of the mind. The Magic Mountain study currently has four spaces remaining in both the afternoon and evening studies: we commence this big work on the 11th of September with what I know already to be a wonderfully lively gathering of minds.


To celebrate the use of Hygge Pygge Café this fall, we will offer a brief (and free!) one-night poetry study: we will have a poem or two ready to read and consider. The opening up of this distilled form of expression through discussion helps support our individual encounter with the complexity of the writing, allowing us access to the sharp beauty offered there. No preparation needed; the only cost is the purchase of a libation and/or meal or desert- we are meeting on September 12th at 37 Chalk Farm Road in the heart of Camden Town.


In the next newsletter I will offer details on the May 2019 Odyssey trip to Greece, Mark’s Iliad study & the October English Patient short study…other exciting news to come! In recent conversations with founding Salonistas from Paris, we were reflecting on the use of creative writing responses to the longer studies in the Salon. I am looking to re-integrate this optional writing to our work together: I find a bit of writing after an in-depth study helps ground the reading and our responses. As always, questions, ideas and requests most gratefully received.

See you in the pages….