IMG_1004Sometimes you need to return to the source to retrace the outlines– where you have been, what you are and why….though these are the questions that drive us forward into our lives. It is too easy to become distracted with the daily rhythms and not pull yourself up- look around, and remember what you have missed. The Paris Salon group was the source of the original Salon and worked through the early bumps and learning curve as we figured out together how to engage deeply with literature and how to open each other up and into the beauty of language, the challenge and wonder of our humanity. So it is a great gift to return to Paris and offer a new study in the astonishing power of Toni Morrison’s art.

November 27th Salon Intensive on Toni Morrison’s A Mercy 5:30- 10 PM Register here.

The next set of Paris Salons will be in February the weekend of 13th-15th. Please vote now (contact me) as to preferred books for study: William Faulkner, Virginia Woolf, Beowulf, Shakespeare: what’s your pleasure?

See you in the Parisian pages…