Some of you may have participated in a recent study with Louise Chamberlain– she is one of the founders of f.bombe–truly a person that makes things happen.

This holiday season, f.bombe is offering wreath-making workshops: “A few hours to immerse yourself in the sensory and festive pleasure of making your own wreath for yourself or to give away.  All you need is yourself.”  Most of the workshops have sold out, but there is still space available on December 8th…for more info:


Fbombe arranges flowers for events, celebrations, hatches, dispatches, soirees and well dones using the bounty of flowers and foliage that come in from London gardening initiatives and green spaces.  Working this way means everyone benefits from beginning to end.  The more we can buy from local growers the more we can support organisations that grow and cultivate as community initiatives, environmental purposes, or for therapy.
It is our intention to work in a way where there are benefits of a work process that is wholly nourishing for all from seed to compost. Seasonality naturally informs everything we do and for the most part we use what we have available at any given time. This non-prescriptive way of working makes a stage for creativity with delightful outcomes.
Whenever possible we draw from the abundant and continuous narratives of the arts to make flower stories that dip and dive through history, cultures and craft.