Having owned a copy of “Ulysses’ for years, I attended a three-day introductory course at City Lit. Captivated, I then embarked on the ten-week course, which was wonderful but all too short. This is a book that takes over your life and, even in twenty weeks, you can do no more than begin the journey. BUT attending the course encourages you to persevere when the going is tough, gets you through that first reading, gives the book time to reach you. Reading with others, sharing the pleasures and the difficulties, the amazing humour, the intellectual brilliance, the stunning language, the sheer humanity of the book, all choreographed by the tutor, is an amazing experience. Anyone interested in reading ‘Ulysses’ should seize the chance to do so with such a stimulating and knowledgeable guide.


The tutor helped make the experience of reading Ulysses a joy. It didn’t matter one bit that there were different levels of academic experience in the class. I know I wouldn’t have read it on my own and I have a great sense of achievement having completed it. There is something in this book for everyone.

I am thrilled to be part of this course: it needs time to appreciate the beauty of Ulysses, a group atmosphere in which to discuss and share ideas and a leader to guide us through the tricky bits. The course has all three. It will be wonderful.

I attended two 11week courses and enjoyed two complete readings on the way. The tutor is an enthusiastic and inspiring teacher who encourages participatory readings and wide ranging discussion. It is a steep learning curve but new insights, good fun, and increasing understanding and pleasure in one of the great literary works are ample reward.


I am utterly delighted to have taken up this course. Ulysses is a great work which can be better appreciated/understood in a class environment, specially one in which sharing of ideas and participation in discussions are encouraged. I thoroughly recommend this class whose tutor is enthusiastic, well informed and passionate about Joyce and Ulysses. She creates a participative atmosphere for discussion, making us all feel comfortable to share our ideas, even if we’ve had no previous knowledge or experience of this work or author. The discussions are always stimulating and informative.

The structured approach to reading and discussing the book chapter by chapter each week is also fundamental to undertaking and absorbing the depth and breadth of this book. It is great to see City Lit offering 20 weeks for this course as it will allow for a more rewarding study of Ulysses.


This is a great course. Many years ago, I partly read Ulysses – not getting to the end was one of my great regrets. It is a huge and wonderful book that is extremely hard to fathom on the first reading without support. In this class, the inspiring tutor expertly unfolds Joyce’s masterwork to both seasoned travellers and novices. The class atmosphere is very supportive, with emphasis on weekly reading and chapter by chapter analysis. The previous 11 week course was a gallop, students will benefit hugely from the longer 20 week programme. Sign up now!


I really enjoyed the whole course. The tutor covered the whole book and made it very interesting and explained what the original Greek chapter headings meant. The class comprised people who were immersed in Ulysses and newcomers and we all thoroughly enjoyed it. I gave the course content 4 stars as there is such a vast amount of stuff in the book.

Ulysses is one of the great novels but like most people I did not think I would find it easy reading it alone. I was so glad I attended another course reading and discussing the novel. With the help of the brilliant tutor and the other students the beauty of the novel was suddenly opened to me. It was one of the best courses I have attended.

Anybody who wants to finally get to grips with this great work or who admires James Joyce should enrol immediately. You will be taken through each chapter week by week with extensive notes and a very helpful tutor and given plenty of time and space to question any part you may find challenging. The course is over 20 weeks so you will also have plenty of opportunities at reading pages aloud and the atmosphere is both warm and friendly.