“The work of the artist, this struggle to discern beneath matter, beneath experience, beneath words, something that is different from them, is a process exactly the reverse of that which, in those everyday lives which we live with our gaze averted from ourselves, is at every moment being accomplished by vanity and passion and the intellect, and habit too, when they smother our true impressions, so as entirely to conceal them from us, beneath a whole heap of verbal concepts and practical goals which we falsely call life.” — Marcel Proust
I can’t believe I am about to finish another 2.5 year study of Lost Time– and then starting another journey in April. Perhaps by the end of the third study, I will have grasped Proust’s metaphysics. Then again, maybe not. I do feel my mind has grown.
Here is a perfect description of what it is to finish Time Regained: (thanks to GK–resource maestro) 
A Visit to ‘the Desert of After-Proust’
The other source of melancholy I feel as I crawl towards the final moments of Time Re-gained is the loss of the company of this incredible journey– the current group has held the course through winter & summer, through the windings of jealousy and self-consideration, through moves to Sweden, art shows, work and family challenges, losses, swims and Brexit… we have gathered each Thursday and savoured the language, walked through the ideas and held the art in our imagination together. It is a beautiful moment–and I shall miss it.
Thank you for travelling this way with me.