We have several proposed novels for a short study in mid-November, and we would like to ask your help choosing which to offer. Please take our quick survey to let us know what interests you. Alternatively, have a look at the proposed titles below and email us your thoughts at litsalon@gmail.com. We’ll keep the survey open until October 15. Thanks!

  • Anne Enright is an Irish novelist and short story writer whose novel The Gathering won the Man Booker Prize in 2007. This is a perceptive and psychological story of 9 siblings who come together for the funeral of their alcoholic brother who has committed suicide. No misery memoir, it is a wry exposure of complex family dynamics with a secret to be uncovered.
  • Novelist, short story writer and academic, Lorrie Moore has won several literary awards and her novel A Gate at the Stairs was shortlisted for the PEN Faulkner Award and the Orange Prize. This is a coming of age story about a young student who works as a nanny for a couple who are adopting a bi-racial child. Both comic and tragic, it is also about love and loneliness and the anxieties of the time, beautifully told.
  • Is this the perfect American novel? It has beautifully written form, content, plot, description, narrative, dialogue, characterisation and includes politics, class division, cultural observation, mystery, decadence, sex, murder, suicide, a surprise ending and last but not least, jazz.
  • Kate Chopin was a novelist and short story writer from Louisiana. The Awakening is the bold story of a wife and mother who falls in love with a younger man. Considered to be immoral and controversial at the time, it is a precursor of feminist writing, addressing emotional, psychological and sexual issues beyond the accepted gender role and mores of the time.