Summer (even if it is a disorientating summer without a pattern of weather that defines it) does allow a certain stretching of the mind and body. Schedules change, days elongate and a different energy infuses even our regular patterns. This makes for a good moment to try or return to a Salon study–offering a reflection before the wonderful lost days of August. The coming works are relatively short and thus can be read in day–and re-read over a lifetime.
Follow the links or look on the events listed on the front page for details about each of these studies. There is registration information on the event page–but please contact me if you have any questions…
See you in the pages.

1. “Sonny’s Blues” by James Baldwin (one meeting: 2nd /3rd July) £20

2. “The Awakening” by Kate Chopin (one meeting: 9th/10th July) £20

3. The Great Gatsby Salon Intensive: June 28th one meeting 7-10:30 £40

Into the water