Although summer rhythms are calling…time to slow down & meander through the sun-lit glades–here are some of the coming studies if you want to add to your summer reading….

The London Literary Salon staff are offering thematic studies–each course stands alone but participants can consider a series for a deeper exploration…this autumn, we are considering the question: Is there a great American novel? Towards answering, Mark will offer an eight-week study of Moby Dick, Toby will follow with Invisible Man and there will be two opportunities to study The Great Gatsby–either as intensive or  over a few weeks.

The Big Books (aka Doorstoppers) series will continue in 2018 with Ulysses on offer, as well as Magic Mountain, Midnight’s Children, Middlemarch & Tales of The Geisha. We will also offer a Shakespeare series starting in 2018.

The London Literary Salon is proud to be participating in the One book, Many Conversations global study of  George Orwell’s 1984, offering a free study in October of this work in reflection of the dangers of our current political times.

For those needing a less intensive commitment, Carol will continue with a short story series to include Faulkner, Lorrie Moore, D.H. Lawrence, Angela Carter…and will be offering the feminist classic The Awakening in November.

More to come….

Shorter studies/ End of summer Salon Openers:

Short Stories & Wisdom Traditions:


Longer studies starting week of September 13th:

  • The Waves 7:30 Tuesdays four week-study starting September 19th (Toby)
  • Moby Dick Eight-week study starting September 13th (Mark)
  • Foray into Finnegans Wake A slow read experience Wednesday evenings starting September 13th (Toby)
  • The Mad Woman’s Vision: Creation & Destruction explored in the female voice; Tuesdays starting Sept. 19th @ CityLit (Toby)
  • Beloved four-week study 7-9 PM Mondays @ SAP in Hampstead starting Nov. 13 (Toby)