Intro: New Year Musings

The New Year arrives with its blasts, post-holiday gear change and opportunity for a fresh start. I love the idea of New Year’s resolutions, though have noticed my resolutions for the past several years are very much the same: more writing, more stretching, less time being distracted, more authentic presence with the amazing people in my life…So instead of revisiting the list, I am trying something new: approaching the opportunity of the NEW YEAR with an active sense of newness. So into the garbage all the old, dried flowers! Away with last years’ teapot residue! Gone with the worries that gathered, buddy-like, around my thoughts and sucked away my energy. Out with fuzzy condiments sulking in the back of the fridge, off to Oxfam with the clothes that hold memories but not fashion sense, the books that offered a sweet retreat but don’t startle with ideas or writing…and welcome in to the excavated space the freshness of possibility.
I hope your shift into this New Year is refreshing and revitalizing…I would welcome stories of your passage.

One of the guilty nuggets that balloons during the holiday season is around holiday cards. I always want to—and imagine each year it will be different—but have only managed to get out holiday cards twice in the past 15 years. I love receiving these cards with the warm thoughts enclosed; but though I can come up with all sorts of (rather lame)excuses for why I can’t get these done (between travel, family needs, extended family needs, extended extended family needs, work), my nagging disappointment in myself remains. So here is a stab at dismantling: I want to thank and emphatically appreciate all those who have entered and participated in the Salon in 2011; joining with the fullness of their energy and taking risks in the name of learning and communication.
There. Feel better already.

The Iliad (Fagles Translation) with Christopher Logue’s War Music

Five Week Study starting the week of January 18th DATE CHANGE
Two schedule choices:
Wednesday Evenings 8-10 PM
Thursday Afternoons 1-3 PM
Cost is £75 for the five week study
Registration open now

Ulysses by James Joyce

20 Week Study starting the week of January 17th
“You should approach Joyce’s Ulysses as the illiterate Baptist preacher approaches the Old Testament: with faith.” William Faulkner
Two Schedule Choices:
EVENINGS : Tuesdays 8-10 PM (three spaces remaining)
*The payment is for a five week series, but for the integrity of the study, you should be prepared to commit for four groups of five week studies (from January 16-June 11). We will take a few weekly breaks as determined by participant schedule needs.
Registration open now on the salon website: Salon events page for Ulysses…

Other Salon offerings coming up… Poetry book launch with Marie-Elizabeth Mali…The Passion Of New Eve co-facilitated by Dr. E. Welby….