Late Summer-Autumn 2019 thru Spring 2020

Having just returned from another magical St Ives weekend immersed in Virginia Woolf, I am inspired anew by the rare luxury of being in a beautiful place with a group of wonderful minds encountering a work of literature intensely together.

I leave these weekends gasping: they are full on (even as we build in down-time)—the intense engagement with the book fills and expands the mind. There is the added stimulus of the place and the experience of the group: joining together, coming to know each other, pushing against each other, clarifying one’s own thoughts and perspectives as they rub up against others…each retreat feels larger than the actual time—and we are so fully awake.

Here are some participant reflections from this past weekend:

Thank you Toby for this caring, well organised, managed tour de force VW weekend…

Toby you are incredible!   it was a wonderful two days which felt like a week….  such a great bunch of women and  so interesting.   friendships made, insights gained…. lighthouse reached…. perfect……   hope you get some proper down time.   thank you thank you!

Below you will find some of the coming courses– both travelling and in London…always happy to hear feedback on the offerings and what is of interest. Most of the following should be posted and available for registration in the next week.

Fall London Regular

  • Monday 5-7 Moby Dick 9 weeks Sept.16- Nov.25
  • Tuesday evenings short courses TS Eliot: “The Wasteland” followed by “Four Quartets”
  • Wednesdays 1:15-3:15 Finnegan Wake
  • Wednesdays 5-7, 7:30-9:30 Proust– Volume II Budding Groove (On-going study)
  • Thursdays 12-2 PM Proust  Volume IV pt. 2 (On-going study, Salon Full)

Fall travel studies

  • Sept 20-22 Camber Sands Beloved  (Private group study)
  • Nov 22-24  Rye Henry James — Portrait of A Lady
  • October 18-21 St Ives Retreat: Between the Acts
  • November 15-18 Javier Marías – Infatuations

Spring London Regular

  • Continued Proust studies Wednes. Eves & Thursday mid-day
  • Continued Finnegans Wake Weds. 13:15-15:15
  • Ulysses 2020 January -June Tuesday mid-day & evenings

Spring 2020 Travel Salons

  • April St Ives Woolf Immersion (dates to be determined)
  • May 3-11   Homer’s Odyssey Greece (posted)
  • May 17-24  Umbria yoga & Henry James/Silent Duchess trip
  • September 2020 Iliad in Greece  (dates to be determined)