It is my great pleasure to introduce Basil to the Salon community. Basil is a skilled facilitator with a deep appreciation for the power of language. For all who have been asking for a Nabokov study, here is your chance!

From Basil:
I met Toby when we worked together at the Society of Analytical Psychology where I’ve been fortunate to attend her poetry and literary seminars. As an extroverted introvert, I’m drawn to the solitary pleasures of reading but I love exploring texts within a group. Everyone’s contribution expands my understanding of the work, and myself and my fellow companions.

As a reader I’m particularly attracted to patterns and aesthetics, and I’m fascinated with how the right word in the right place creates a world that reflects us back to ourselves. I love words and well-crafted sentences, and over the years I’ve become increasingly drawn to the similarities between therapeutic interpretation and close reading. I’ve come to believe that great writing increases our understanding of what it means to be human, and what it means to be alone in a crowd. ”