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What is a Salon?

“The Salon is a place for the meeting of minds—to connect, to agree and disagree and to use books as a means through which to ponder the various aspects of human existence and experience it in all of its messy glory. . . It’s the cornerstone of my intellectual world and it’s terrific fun as well!”

Ulysses Salon participant, 2011


The London Literary Salon draws on the Salon tradition of a regular meeting of a committed group of people for the exchange and exploration of ideas. Salon studies are non-didactic, open-ended gatherings where people of all backgrounds come to talk about literature and ideas. Together we work to develop meaning in response to the literature that resonates with our contemporary lives.

Each study is led by a salon facilitator, who strives to create an inclusive atmosphere that emphasizes the insights and questions each participant brings to the discussion. Our facilitators use careful questioning and thorough knowledge of their texts to help participants develop a richer understanding of a complex and rewarding piece of writing. The works of Homer and Shakespeare, Eliot and Joyce, Proust, Faulkner and Morrison are enlivened by a variety of perspectives.

A typical Salon study meets weekly for six to ten weeks—though we also offer one-day intensives, ongoing studies that meet monthly, and even a Proust study that runs for over 2 years. Most of our studies meet in North, Central and South London, in schools, cafes, pubs and private homes. Our group sizes are intentionally small—usually 6 to 12 participants—so that we can keep the atmosphere relaxed and personal, with room to sit back and think.

For each meeting of a study, participants pre-read a portion of the book—usually 30 to 50 pages, depending on the work. We keep reading assignments manageable, to encourage careful reading and to fit our studies into busy lives.

Over the two or three hours of a Salon session, prompted by the questioning of the salon facilitator, your group will give thought to the ideas an author sets out, work your way through unclear passages, and explore the intricacies of a plot, the layers of meaning in a poetic word or phrase, the richness of a dramatic character, and the wealth of connections to broader social and historical movements. Along the way, you’ll be supported with notes and questions to help deepen your immersion into these great books and their world.

You don’t need any specialized knowledge or background in literature to enjoy a Salon study. It is our expectation that most participants will be reading many of the authors for the first time. All you really need is a willingness to read carefully, listen thoughtfully and entertain new and sometimes-challenging ideas.


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I would recommend courses led by Toby to anyone who wants to look at a text in detail in a study group
I was certainly surprised at how much I was thrown off balance by these two astounding writers…I look forward to returning for more
We all came to the group with different backgrounds and interests but Mark has skillfully guided us through a stimulating programme of Greek literature.
I always leave the meetings with a much broader understanding of what we are reading than when I arrived
Everyone feels they get heard and therefore that each of us has a contribution to make
In all of the courses I have attended I have felt a bond within the group, and this contributes significantly to the quality of the discussions
Lovely, intimate groups with in-depth discussions, lots of learning, and friendships are made for life there
I’ve read things I’d never dared read before.  I’ve made new friends and met really interesting people.
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What’s coming up?

april 2020

02apr5:00 pmSonny's Blues by James Baldwin 27.3: STUDY FULL5:00 pm VIRTUALType Of Study:LiteratureFrequency:WeeklyDuration:One day,Two weeks

06apr5:00 pmUlysses by James Joyce: Eight-Week IntensiveFirst Half of Ulysses in 8 weeks 5:00 pm VIRTUALType Of Study:LiteratureFrequency:WeeklyDuration:Eight weeks

09apr6:00 pmTroy: Myth, Legend and InspirationVIRTUAL STUDY6:00 pm VIRTUALType Of Study:LiteratureFrequency:WeeklyDuration:Eight weeks

10apr5:00 pmThe Essential Socrates: Four Dialogues of PlatoVIRTUAL STUDY5:00 pm VIRTUALType Of Study:PhilosophyFrequency:WeeklyDuration:Six Weeks

13apr2:00 pmInvisible Man by Ralph EllisonVIRTUAL STUDY2:00 pm VIRTUALType Of Study:LiteratureFrequency:WeeklyDuration:Two months

14apr4:00 pmWilliam Faulkner’s A Rose for Emily: Virtual Salon for older teens4:00 pm VIRTUALType Of Study:LiteratureFrequency:One Off EventDuration:One day

21apr7:00 pmBeloved by Toni Morrison 4-week studyVIRTUAL STUDY7:00 pm Kentish Town, LondonType Of Study:LiteratureFrequency:WeeklyDuration:Four weeks

27apr5:00 pmJane Austen's Best: Persuasion and EmmaVIRTUAL STUDY5:00 pm VIRTUALType Of Study:LiteratureFrequency:WeeklyDuration:Four weeks

may 2020

05may5:00 pmToni Morrison's A MercyVIRTUAL STUDY5:00 pm VIRTUALType Of Study:LiteratureFrequency:WeeklyDuration:Two weeks

15may(may 15)5:00 pmHenry James in Rye: A Portrait of a Lady Weekend Retreat**STUDY FULL**5:00 pm The Mermaid Inn Rye SussexType Of Study:Literature,TravelFrequency:One Off EventDuration:Weekend

31may11:00 amReading the Body: Salon and Yoga retreat in Umbria11:00 am Umbria, ItalyType Of Study:TravelFrequency:One Off EventDuration:One Week

june 2020

23jun7:00 pmToni Morrison's A Mercy7:00 pm Kentish Town, LondonType Of Study:LiteratureFrequency:WeeklyDuration:Two weeks

september 2020

05sep(sep 5)12:00 pmHomer's Odyssey in Greece: One-week immersionNew Dates12:00 pm Island of Agistri, GreeceType Of Study:TravelFrequency:One Off EventDuration:Eight Days

october 2020

14oct(oct 14)6:00 pmThe Years by Virginia Woolf Five-day study in St Ives *NEW DATES*Immersive Study of Woolf's family saga in her beloved Cornwall6:00 pm St Ives, CornwallType Of Study:Literature,TravelFrequency:One Off EventDuration:Five days

january 2021

12jan12:00 pmUlysses by James Joyce: First-timers Afternoon and Evening options12:00 pm Kentish Town, LondonType Of Study:LiteratureFrequency:WeeklyDuration:Six months

12jan7:45 pmUlysses Second Tour: Evening Sessions January 20217:45 pm Kentish Town, LondonType Of Study:LiteratureFrequency:WeeklyDuration:Six months