Hard to believe we wandered through Ulysses, Proust, Invisible Man, Mad Woman’s voice, Finnegans Wake The Waves, Frankenstein in last few months…along with magical retreats in Camber Sands, Valencia, Kandersteg & Dublin. I am still basking in the glow of these incredible studies and the lively minds that joined together to illuminate the books. We are putting together the next newsletter announcing the coming studies– but here briefly is what we are considering…as always, contact us with feedback, requests, questions….


Fall 2018 Salons proposed

  • To the Lighthouse – two sets: Weekend Sept 28-30th (Monday 24th); Weekend October 5-7 (Oct 1st prep)
  • Proust Budding Grove  (Salon Full) : 20th– Dec. 6th Thursdays 12-2 PM
  • Finnegan’s Wake: Sept 19- 24 October
  • Camus The Stranger:  Short Intensive (details to follow)
  • Wordsworth’s Preludes (details to follow)
  • Magic Mountain: 13 week study starting Sept 12 – Dec. 12 – Tuesdays (day time/Eve)
  • A Heart So White — Valencia weekend study Nov. 16-18th

Other works?

  • Henry James
  • Marilynne Robinson 3-part study – Lila, Home
  • Moby Dick

Geoff’s Sanctuary/ Claire Denis

Mark—Iliad (November) &

Basel—Pale Fire

Faulkner series  @ City Lit Mondays 12:30-2:30

Midnight’s Children @ SAP

Salon Retreat studies 

  • To the Lighthouse (two weekends in fall 2018 are currently full) May 17th-19th 2019
  • Heart So White Valencia Spain Nov. 16-18 2018
  • The Odyssey in Greece– May 3rd- 10th  2019 with Carolynn Donnelly & Jane Wymark details to follow…
  • Reading the Body end of May 2019 details to follow…