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London Literary Salon exclusive

21st June 2016 7-9 PM  at The Pineapple Pub
RSVP  litsalon@gmail.com to secure a place….
We will be continuing to celebrate Bloomsday with a launch of  the Joyce-themed novel by Annabel Abbs exploring the story of Lucia Joyce. Annabel and I will discuss the book and the Joyce family with an opportunity for participant questions and comments– interactive in  the Salon tradition.
There will be images of the Joyce family, books for purchase, and an atmosphere of celebration of our work together.  In memory of Lucia Joyce, all Annabel’s profits from book sales are going to a charity called YoungMinds which helps children and young people with mental health issues.
The Joyce Girl is a prize-winning debut novel that tells the story of Joyce’s only daughter, Lucia.  A dancer in 1920s Paris, Lucia had affairs with Samuel Beckett and Alexander Calder, before her father sent her to Switzerland for  pioneering  psychoanalysis with Carl Jung.  Considered by some scholars to be a Muse for Finnegans Wake, she spent the next fifty years, until her death, living in a Northampton mental asylum. The novel, which has been sold to publishers across the world, can be pre-ordered at https://www.waterstones.com/book/the-joyce-girl/annabel-abbs/9781907605871. Read more at www.annabelabbs.com.